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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Uni wear to office wear...

When you've spent the last three years heading out to lectures in hoodies and jeans, knowing how to dress for the working world can be something of a struggle. The bad news is that a hoody in an office is not going to go down well with the boss, but there are ways to convert your student closet into a professional wardrobe that works for you.
Switch your hoody for a simple black blazer. These tailored pieces work with everything from trousers to dresses and skirts, and have the power to smarten up an outfit in an instant. Find one to fit your newly grownup taste as well as the current trends from this season's women's jackets. Wear with a classic pencil skirt for a flattering and feminine take: experiment with colourful styles for a fun way to liven up your look.
A pair of black cigarette trousers are perfect for the office and make a great substitute for the leggings you loved in your uni days. Classy and flattering on all shapes they're a slim fit without being inappropriately tight. Choose a white blouse and pair with your blazer to create a sophisticated but youthful outfit.
Taking your first steps into the working world can be tricky enough without also worrying about what shoes to wear! It's time to say goodbye to those once-white-now-grubby-grey hi-tops that kept you company during those long winter seminars and embrace the court shoe. Working out your ideal heel height is a case of trial and error, but if you start off with a low style you can always work your way up from there. This isn't the student union club night, so five inch heels should be avoided: they may look amazing but your feet will be dead by the time it gets to five o'clock and the commute home!
Versatile pieces like blazers, cigarette trousers and court shoes can tidy up any outfit for work, so save those uni favourites for the weekends and say hello to office chic!

Sarah xx

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Joules Wishlist...

Hello lovelies!

With Christmas fast approaching I've been thinking of things I can put on my list to Santa, not something I normally have a problem with! Joules is one of my favourite shops in town and I always pop in when I'm passing so I just had to add a few of their products to my list!

I already own a pair of Joules wellies and I love them so much. Gone are the days of the old boring green wellies, this stylish black and gold pair would suit any outfit. 

I can't have a wishlist without having something on it for Amelia Rose and I LOVE this bandana bib! Amelia is teething at the moment and seems to be forever dribbling and these fashionable little bibs stop her clothes from getting soaked.

I know quilted jackets have been around for a while now but they never seem to go out fashion. Joules have a wide range of Women's quilted jackets but this was definitely my favourite. I love the gold buttons and the lining is gorgeous! 

Anthony has promised me that in the new year we can finally decorate our bedroom and I've been looking for some new bedding so when I spotted this offering amongst Joules Duvet Covers I knew it was the one! I think the colours are beautiful and the best thing about it is that it's reversible, two duvet covers in one, result!

I'd love to know what's on your list to Santa this year.

Sarah xx

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Glamour Magazine Freebie - Nails Inc Polish & Swatch

Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all well.

Food shopping is never exciting and with a baby in tow it has to be one of my least favourite tasks so when I spotted that Glamour magazine are giving away a full size Nails Inc nail polish (worth £11!) it certainly brightened my day!

For the price of £2 you get to pick from four beautiful shades (or you can opt for all 4 if you can't resist!) The shades are:

Soho Silver (silver metallic)
Uptown Glamour (gold metallic)
Big Apple Red (festive red)
New York Noir (glossy black)

I opted for Big Apple Red simply because I'll get most use out of it over the next couple of months and who doesn't need yet another red nail polish in their collection?!

Nail Inc - Big Apple Red

How gorgeous is this shade?! It's a 'postbox' red & the perfect festive polish. As you'd expect from a Nails Inc polish the formula is easy to apply, opaque in 2 coats and has a beautiful shine. 

I'm now contemplating picking up New York Noir too!

Have you picked up Glamour magazine this month & if so which shade did you go for?

Sarah xx

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm still here!

Hello my lovelies.

I can't quite believe it's been nearly 8 months since I blogged.

On April 2nd my life changed forever, Amelia Rose came into the world.

Before she was born I was planning on having a couple of weeks off from blogging & planned on picking it straight up again, how wrong was I! In all honestly motherhood completely overwhelmed me, I wanted to spend every minute of the day with my daughter and blogging just vanished into the abyss. I barely had enough time in the day to put a wash on & have a shower let alone take pictures and write a post. It's only been in the past couple of weeks I've really missed blogging & realised how much I want to try and start again.

I really really would like to start blogging again, it might not be every day so you'll have to bare with me but I just want to say a huge thank you to those followers who are still here!

Hope to see you again very soon!

Sarah xx

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'm off to have a baby!

Hello my lovelies!

The time has finally arrived & I'm off to have my baby girl tomorrow. I can't believe it!

I'm being induced at 37 weeks due to complications and I have to say it isn't a moment too soon. The past couple of weeks have been really tough and I don't think I could cope with being pregnant for another 3+ weeks.

I'm being induced at 6am on April 1st so here's hoping for an April Fools baby! 

I don't plan on being away too long but I just wanted to let you all know where I've vanished to.

I'll see you soon with a baby girl in tow!

Sarah xx

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recent Haul...

Hello my lovelies.

I love nothing more than a good haul, I don't buy anything for a while & then when I start I can't stop. When I saw Boots had 3 for 2 on all cosmetics & haircare I couldn't resist, who can resist free products! Then a 25% New Look voucher dropped into my inbox and I was sold!

Here's what I've picked up recently...

I've wanted to try this shampoo & conditioner since Zoella mentioned it in her haircare routine so when Boots had 3 for 2 on haircare I couldn't resist picking it up. Dizzybrunette3 recently mentioned this heat styling spray in her haircare routine & her hair always look stunning so I was hoping for some of the same. 

Rimmel Stronger Base Coat | £5.49

Boots also have 3 for 2 on cosmetics at the moment, what more reason does a beauty junkie need to indulge?! I've only just realised everything I picked up is from Rimmel, I didn't do this on purpose! I've heard really good things about the foundation & as I'm such a fan of Wake Me Up I'm hoping I'll like this just as much. My nails have been breaking recently so I decided to give this a go, I've not heard much about it but I'm liking Rimmel at the moment so I'm hoping for good things! I couldn't resist adding to my Apocolips collection, these amazingly pigmented lipsticks/gloss are great for every day use and are such a bargain.

New Look Peplum Top | £9.99

I can't find this peplum top on the New Look website but I saw loads instore so it should be back on the site soon, I just thought it would look lovely when the summer warms up with jeans or shorts. Hurry up  Sping! This jumper is so comfy and is perfect for when the weather finally warms up a little bit.

New Look Crochet Jumper | £12.99 £6.00

This other lightweight jumper caught my eye because of the colour, I don't really own anything khaki but I really like it! When I saw it was on sale for £6.00 I couldn't resist. I've been after a denim jacket for ages and the picture really doesn't do this jacket justice, it's lovely! I'm all set for spring now we just need the sun to make an appearance!

Phew! I love a good haul & I can't wait to try out everything I've bought. The 25% off at New Look ends on Thursday, all you have to do is quote '240313' at the till. Don't blame me if you spend a fortune!

Sarah xx

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Skincare Routine & Favourite Skincare Products...

Hello lovelies, I hope you all had a fab weekend!

This year I finally decided to sort my skin out, up until now I've always spent a fortune on makeup to conceal my flaws but skimped on skincare products. I decided this was probably quite backwards as the better your skin is the less makeup you need so I decided to invest in some quality skincare products.

Here's my daily skincare routine & some of my favourite products...

Morning routine...

I start off by cleansing, this removes any product from the night before & the grime that's built up overnight, eww! My cleanser of choice is the REN Clearcalm Clay Cleanser, I've mentioned this many times & just love it. I then move onto a toner, this is a step I don't always take if I'm honest but when I do I use the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. After the skincare goddess that is Caroline Herons over at Beautymouth featured Hydraluron in her hall of fame I couldn't resist giving it a go. I use this before my moisturiser & have noticed a massive different in my skin since using it. I recently reviewed Hydraluron so if you want to read more click here. I recently picked up the REN Vita Mineral moisturiser and have really been enjoying using it, it's a little too early to post a full review but I find it moisturises my skin well & creates a great base for makeup. The last step in my morning routine is an eye cream and my choice of eye cream at the moment is the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. Using an eye cream is new to me but I'll do anything to banish those pesky dark circles!

Evening routine...

If I've got particularly heavy make up on I'll start by removing it with Bioderma, the cult micellaire water that has taken the blog world by storm. I'll then give my skin a proper cleanse as the Bioderma does nothing to condition or nourish my skin, I use my REN Clearcalm Clay Cleanser again for this step. Like my morning routine I sometimes skip the toner stage but when I use one I use the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. The last three stages in my evening routine are the same as my morning routine except I swap my moisturiser for a slightly thicker This Works Perfect Skin Super Moisture, this moisturiser also contains a serum and whenever I use it I always wake with super soft skin. 

Other products...

There's a few products in my skincare collection that I don't use every day but they are all incorporated into my skincare one way or another at least once a week. Once to twice a week I'll soak a cotton pad in Alpha H Liquid Gold and sweep it across my face after applying toner, the trick is then to leave this product to work it's magic and not apply any products after. It was completely alien to me to go to bed without applying moisturiser but what Caroline Hirons says I do! This works as a topical skin exfoliator and helps to strip the dead skin cells from your face. Whilst I've gone off using scrubby face exfoliators once a week I'll use the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, this fine powder works great at removing dead skin whilst not making my skin feel overly scrubbed or sensitive. I recently posted a full review of this product which you can read by clicking here. Last but by no means least we have the masks that I use. When my skin feels clogged or needs a good clearout I use the REN Invisble Pores Detox mask, a great clay mask that rids the skin of grime and leaves it feeling uber fresh & clean. When my skin is feel a little dehydrated or dry I use the Origins Drink Up Intensive in place of my evening moisturiser, this amazing smelling overnight mask leaves me with the softest skin in the morning & it really feels nourished and hydrated. 

Phew! I know it seems like a lot of products but they all have a place in my skincare routine & I feel they all do a job. If you'd like a full review of anything that I haven't already reviewed then please leave me a comment below.

I'd love to know what your favourite skincare products are and if you would recommend anything, I'm always on the lookout for new skincare so feel free to leave a comment below!

Sarah xx

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes...

Hello lovelies.

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring, not that you'd know it with the poopy weather! As it's not warm enough to bust out the spring wardrobe just yet one way of brightening up any outfit is to wear a colourful nail polish. Here's my top 5 spring nail polish picks...

Barry M Peach Melba - I got through 3 bottles of this polish in 2012 which is completely unheard of for me, I never use one bottle before it dries out normally! I've been wearing this polish again recently and I just think it's a great wearable shade that goes with every outfit. 

Natural Collection Hibiscus - I saw this polish featured on Makeupsavvy last year & i couldn't resist picking it up. It's the perfect hot pink shade that screams Spring to me. It also costs under £2 which is pretty amazing for such a pretty polish.

Essie Fiji - This was a blogger favourite last year & I of course had to jump on the bandwagon. This has to be one of my favourite polishes in my whole collection! It looks great with a tan & I can't wait to tan myself up so I can crack this open again.

Barry M Gelly Pomegranate - This is the first of two Barry M Gelly polishes I'm featuring as I just couldn't decide between the two. Pomegranate is the perfect bright pink with red undertones & it's super shiny. What's not to love?!

Barry M Gelly Greenberry - This polish has been raved about by just about every blogger & it's easy to see why. I adore mint green and this is the perfect mint green with blue a blue tone running through it. Like Pomegranate it's super shiny and i can't wait to get my mitts on more shades from this range. 

I'm always on the lookout for pretty nail polish & need to update my collection so if you have any recommendations please leave a comment!

Sarah xx