Monday, May 09, 2011

Review: New Skincare - 'Purity'

Hi dolls! I hope you're all having a fabulous week :)

I was having a browse around my local Superdrug & I couldn't resist picking these up and giving them a whirl.

Before I review the products I picked up here is what Purity have to say about their products:

'Purity Organic Skincare is efficacious, using hard-working, sustainably-grown ingredients, few in number and cleverly combined to encourage skin to work as it should. Where possible the same core ingredients run throughout the range to give your skin the simplicity of regime it needs and to ensure affordability.'

Now onto what I chose...

Purity Day & Night Moisturising Cream (50ml)
£2.00 each.
Available at Superdrug.

Day: To put it bluntly - I'm not a fan. It's very thick and difficult to rub in. Don't get me wrong, it does a good job of moisturising and does leave my skin feeling soft but it takes far too long to absorb in the morning, I need to slap a cream on in the morning and be ok to apply make up 5 minutes later. I will use this, but I certainly wouldn't use it as an every day moisturiser, more of a cream to use when my skin is feeling very dry. 7/10

Night: This could not be more different to the day cream. I LOVE this. It's not as heavy, it absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling amazing the next day. I can't believe this only costs £2.00 & I will certainly be repurchasing! 9/10

Purity Facial Exfoliator (100ml)
Available at Superdrug.

I really like this. It's very creamy and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. The grains are very small and not in any way harsh so this can be used as an every day exfoliator, if you prefer something harsh this is not for you. I still use my St Ives once a week for a really good scrub but I use this every couple of days to keep my skin looking bright & radiant. 8/10

I'm really impressed with what I've tried so far from this brand and I will certainly be checking out more from the range.

Have you tried any Purity products & if so what did you think?

Sarah xx

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