Tuesday, December 06, 2011

My new Ugg boots!

Hello lovelies, I hope you're all having a fab week.

How cold has it got in the past couple of days?! I've had to get the scarf & gloves out! I hope it snows over Christmas =]

With the weather getting colder I decided it was finally time to invest in some new Ugg boots. I know they're not the most attractive of footwear but there really is no nicer feeling than slipping on your Ugg boots on a cold wintery morning!

 I opted for the short black style. I don't think you can go wrong with black boots, they go with everything!

I picked mine up from Kurt Geiger, I had some gift vouchers from work & I used my £20 Elle card so I got pretty good deal.

The only thing that concerned me was choosing the right size. I have always gone for a UK size 5 in the past but gradually they became a little too loose where the fur has flattened. These are labelled as a 4.5 but the lady in Kurt Geiger said they are actually a 4. They say you should wear Ugg boots barefooted, am I the only one who just cannot do this?! They feel ok at the moment & I hope they stretch a tiny bit!

Are you an Ugg fan?

Sarah xx


  1. Love UGG's regardless of how they look haha! :) They are just too warm and comfy! :)


  2. Boots doesn't have to be attractive if their wearer is attractive :) I have heard for many men who think that women with Uggs are cute. So, I will wear then with no regrets and comfort. I like the black ones also, they go with everything.

  3. I've never actually bought a pair of ugg boots!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  4. I got a pair a month or so ago and i love them. I used to live in dolly shoes and would constantly complain that my feet hurt, not any more! I can't wear them barefoot though, it feels too strange! xox

  5. I like them but for some reason I still don't own them!


  6. ew if you wear uggs barefooted your boots would actually smell like feet after from the sweat! thats horrible advice. you should wear it with thin socks instead :) i love uggs they are incredibly warm!!

  7. I got the exact same pair a couple of weeks ago when Office had a sale on. I haven't worn them yet though - I don't want them to look used haha!

    I have an old chestnut pair that I've worn before with no socks and it's the worst thing ever! The inside isn't really that soft and I've got sensitive skin and had red patches on my feet for days! X

  8. Hi u have such a nice blog and it would mean a lot if u could check mine out and let me know if ur interested in following each other?
    Btw im from Australia and no one really wears uggs here because it doesnt get that col but urs look really nice :)

  9. love them!!

  10. I have two pairs of uggs, one pair is the same as yours and i love them. Ive had one pair for over 3 years now and they are still as good as new (and i have worn them ALOT). I wear them barefoot, its soooo nice feeling the fur inbetween your toes when its cold outside. I love how comfy they are, i dont care if they look abit ugly lol.

    Holli x

  11. Oh and they don't smell what so ever because the fur prevents your feet from sweating. Even if you wear them in warmer weather your feet stay at a normal temperature.

    Holli x

  12. I really want these, I have bailey button uggs but want some short black ones for the fact that they go with everything like you say!
    I have worn mine barefooted previously and they honestly do keep your feet just as warm as with socks on! And they do feel super soft too, at first anyway! Mine have now flattened a bit on the bottom so they do not feel as soft and nice.
    But I'm a massive fan of Uggs! I don't care if they don't look 'attractive' to some they keep your feet super warm and I'd much rather be warm :)

  13. I love my UGGS, I just recentley bought the black short ones too! xxx

  14. I'm buying some black Uggs with my next student loan! Can't wait they are fab! :) xxx

  15. I love my Uggs I bought them 3 1/2 years ago and they are still going strong, they really are a investment that will last you ages :)

  16. I love my uggs! They are my saviours in the winter! I'm treating myself to the ankle black ones in January :) I wear mine barefoot but I can't when I wear the knitted ones, they just slide off my feet!xxx


  17. Awww these are gorgeous :) Ive worn Black Tall Uggs and Short Chesnut Uggs over the past 4 years and i definitley reccomend them, I'm hopefully getting a pair of Short Chocolate ones this Christmas Whoooo!

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