Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby | Addicted to baby magazines!

For as long as I can remember I've always been addicted to magazines. When I was a little girl it was the S Club 7 magazine and now it's pregnancy and baby magazines. There's nothing quite like curling up on the sofa with a cuppa and a glossy mag. 

Here are some of my favourite pregnancy/baby magazines...

Pregnancy & Birth

My boyfriend picked this up for me on a whim once as a treat on his way home from work. There's great fashion & beauty pages which feature reviews of the essential mum to be beauty products. I also like the regular features such as essential mum to be kit list & best baby toys on the market. 

Mother & Baby

For me this is the most widely available pregnancy & baby magazine, it's available it most local shops. I  like the Fit Mother feature which features a new mum trying to get her pre pregnancy body back. There's lots of reviews on baby products & the being a mum interview with a famous mum is always interesting to read.

Prima Baby & Pregnancy

This has to be my favourite Pregnancy & Baby magazine. I love the birth stories, although I probably should stop reading them as I just scare myself! There's a great dad to be section which my boyfriend reads, it's nice for him to feel included in pregnancy as I know everything is geared towards to the mum to be. The products they feature or review are reasonable priced compared to other magazines I've read, this is great as I'm actually able to afford the products they mention! The back page is probably my favourite, it's a page of parenting confessions proving that everyone isn't perfect.

I love Prima Baby & Pregnancy so much that I'm actually going to subscribe, you get a years subscription to the magazine for £20 & they throw in a nursing bra. How glamorous!

I'd love to know if you read any pregnancy & baby magazines and if so what your favourite is.

Sarah xx


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