Monday, October 24, 2011

The Aussie Pub Quiz - October 21st 2011

Good evening ladies, I hope you all had a fab weekend!

On Friday evening I was very lucky to be one of a few beauty bloggers to attend the Aussie pub quiz that was held in the gorgeous Punchbowl pub in Mayfair, owned by none other than Guy Ritchie!

It was hosted by the dashing Adam Garcia and I'm sure you'll agree judging by the following picture he is bloody gorgeous. He was also very funny & charming, the perfect quiz master.

Here are a few pictures from the night...

Mini sparklers! 
Me & the gorgeoussss Adam Garcia.

 Beautiful flowers =]

 Team names!

 I'm sure you're all familiar with these - a selection of Aussie products.

I was on team '3 Minute Miracle' along with the lovely London Beauty Queen & The Style PA however our Australian knowledge wasn't quite up to scratch and we sadly came last =[ 

There was lots of yummy food to be had and far too much champagne was consumed throughout the night, something I very much regretted on Saturday morning!

We all received a goody bag at the end of the evening which was packed with some great Aussie products, most of which I already own but you can never have enough!

It was a great night and it was lovely to meet so many lovely bloggers! A massive thankyou to Aussie for inviting me and for such an entertaining night.

Sarah x x x 


  1. Sparklers! I miss them. imma grab this one for Christmas! Advance merry Christmas, BTW. im a new follower of yours. great blog!

  2. Ohh it sounds like it was great! Love Aussie stuff!

  3. This sounds like such a good night! I fell in love with Aussie when I found it a few years ago :) You're blog is great! Following :) xx

  4. ive been using aussie cosmetics since Ive learn how delicious they smell:)
    take a look at my new blog :) thanx

  5. Just saw your 1st post, with a snap of Adam Garcia, immediately made me follow :P {He is so hot}. On a more serious note, sounds like you had a lovely evening (and you have a great blog).


  6. loving the pictures! looks like a gr8 night! i just started using their products and i am in LOVE with them!!! i dont know what i would do without them now

  7. Oh my life you met Adam Garcia?! You lucky, lucky, LUCKY woman!

    Aaaanyway lol! new follower here :)