Sunday, March 11, 2012

Glossybox March 2012 - The Harrods Edition...

Good evening my lovelies, I hope you all had a fab weekend.

I feel like such a bad blogger recently and I know I need to pull my finger out & post more! All I've wanted to do is sleep after work recently but I'm going to schedule a few posts & get into the swing of things this week I promise =]

I've been away visiting the boyfriend this weekend and when I got home earlier my glossybox was waiting for me, perfect ending to a great weekend!

I had already heard it was going to a Harrods box from various blogs but I was still excited when I tore open the cardboard box to find this...
As you can see the box is absolutely beautiful but I expected nothing less from Glossybox. The box itself is white, another colour to add to my collection! The contents is tied with a beautiful Harrods ribbon & sealed with a Harrods sticker, what a lovely touch!


As you can see Glossybox really upped their game for this box & every product is a luxury brand. Here is what I received...

Clarins - Extra Firming Body Cream: 'A formula rich in regenerating and firming plant extracts which immediately helps to lift and tone, for firmer and a younger looking body.' I really was happy to see this in the box, I love Clarins as a brand and the 30ml size feels like you're getting a good amount of product. I probably don't need to use this all over my body but I will certainly be giving it a go on the thigh/bum area!
Molton Brown - Heavenly Gingerlily Moisture Bath & Shower: 'Vitamin-rich fruit extracts boost the skin and invigorate the senses.' A MOLTON BROWN PRODUCT, EEEEP! I was so happy when I saw this! It smells absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to try it in my bath later. Again, this is a 50ml size so even though it is sample size I think it's a really good sample size.
YSL - Forever Youth Liberator Serum: 'A powerful serum enriched with 3 glycans to help increase youthful activity in skin cells.' I probably don't need to start using a product like this considering I'm only in my early twenties but I'm going to give a go and see how I get on. I might not need the anti ageing properties in this product but I have read it can also help with skin luminosity and adding radiance, sounds good to me!
Narciso Bodriguez - For Her: 'For her is Narciso Rodriguez's  first fragrance. A tribute to women's grace and power of inspiration.' Errrr, what? Ha. This was probably the product I was least excited about in this box. It smells really nice and I find perfume samples really handy to keep in my bag but it's really just another perfume sample to me. 
Burberry Beauty - Miniature Lip Mist Copper No 202: 'With a balmy lip loving formula, lip mist offers sheer colour with an irresistible gloss shine.' I was over the moon when I found this tucked away in my box, the design of the lipstick is beautiful and I can't wait to show it off to my friends. I thought the colour looked a little brown for me but when swatched & on the lips it's alot more wearble and glossy, almost like a lim balm. 

This has to be my favourite box to date and overall I'm really impressed with the quality of the products in this box. Every time I think of cancelling my subscription Glossybox release a box like this that makes me want to stay! 

Glossybox is available here priced at £10.00 per month + P&P.

What did you think of this months Glossybox?

Sarah xx


  1. I loved this months Glossy Box! I am so in love with the Molton Brown body wash <3 Smells AMAZING

  2. I am still waiting for my box,
    this month's products look amazing! xx

  3. Looking forward to getting my box, i wonder if il have the same products as you? :) x

  4. Have been considering signing up for a beauty box for a while and this one looks lovely! x

  5. This is the box I got, except for the lip colour (Rosewood Satin), and felt the exact same about all the products - so much love for Molton Brown, Clarins, YSL & Burberry which were all great sizes and products. The only one was a little bit 'meh, could live without' was the perfume sample too. Glossybox did soooo good with this box!

    Steph @ x

    1. p.s. I'm in my early twenties too so was felt like didn't need to start the youth serum just yet, but it makes such a great make-up base and gives a real glow to the skin :)

  6. D: Jealouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus

  7. They seriously need to hurry up and bring this to the US!!