Thursday, August 30, 2012

NOTD | Barry M Magnetic Polishes 'Magnetic Violet' & 'Magnetic Blue'...

Hello lovelies, I hope you're all ok.

I'll be the first to hold my hands up & say I'm rubbing at nail art. I never dedicate enough time to an intricate design & it's sometimes enough of a struggle to just paint them one colour!

I've been trying out some really cool new Barry M nail polishes which just go to show no matter how bad at nail art you are you can see have she eye catching nails to show off.
 Barry M Magnetic Polishes in 'Magnetic Violet*' & 'Magnetic Blue*'

i kid you not when I say it took me FOREVER to work out how these work. Then it suddenly dawned on me!
You paint one coat of polish, then a second & instantly hold the magnetic top over the nail resting the lip on the cuticle. Voila!

Magnetic Purple:
First coat - looks a bit strange right?!
 Second coat & magnetic effect! I really like the colour of the polish and the overall effect it gives. It couldn't be simpler to create but i really think it looks like you've spent time doing your nails. I had lots of comments from the girls at work asking how I had created the look. 

Magnetic Blue:
 First coat. Again this polish looks strange with only one coat & I really wasn't sure I liked the colour.
Second coat & magnet. How pretty does this look! This design is a lot more hit & miss, all 10 nails had an individual look which I really liked. I've never really been a fan of blue nail polish & it's not something I would really choose but I really like this nail polish! 

Overall I'm really impressed with these nail polishes. I've always been a big fan of Barry M nail polishes & will certainly be looking at the other colours in the range. 

Barry M Magnetic polishes are available here priced at £4.99 each

Are you a nail art fan?

Sarah xx

*PR Sample


  1. I love the triangular style magnet, it looks a little like an iron cross. Barry M have made the best magnetics by far imo. :3

  2. Wow, they look awesome!

  3. Oooh they look interesting, always wondered how they worked! xo

  4. Are these easy to use? I've been eyeing them up for ages but I'm just not sure I could make them look half decent? X

  5. thanks for showing how the effect is on nails with the barry m magnetic Reason at first i didn't really think it would look so amazing as it does on your nails, but i'm thinking of buying it now!! how do you do the designs? really appreciate if you show me how thanks come check out my blog i would love to stay in touch

  6. Wow that's impressive, I'm so useless at nail stuff this looks cute.

  7. These are great, I love the star/cross design with the blue.

    Magnetic polish is so awesome looking, it really stands out!

  8. These are great - they remind me of space. I don't use metallic nail polish, but I've been thinking of buying some for a while now. :)

  9. they look class :D

  10. Magnetic Violet is amazing! I love that color.

  11. Lovely nails, your blog is super cute :)

    Chic Geeks September Marathon is in full swing:

  12. they look great! x

  13. So pretty! I'm following you - I simply love your posts!
    Mind following mine? ^-^ I’ve just updated it and don’t have many followers :) It’s - I always follow back ♥

  14. as someone who does her nails ALL the time, I've never used magnetic polishes
    I absolutely love these colors and the effect they give though...I may just have to try it

    jayj x.

  15. so nice so beautiful colour i like it .
    Parfum pas cher

  16. Awesome review! these are perfect autumn colors!
    love your blog dear, how would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC?

  17. Oooh, this is so cool! I love the second pattern, it's really something special! I need to try some magnetic polishes soon :) x

  18. I've never used these before but they look so cool! :)

  19. I've yet to try these but they look amazing, really loving the purple one especially! xx

  20. wow it looks amazing! I love the purple colour, but I love the pattern the blue one made x