Friday, August 17, 2012

Review & NOTD | imPRESS Press On Manicure - Pick Me...

Hello everyone, it's finally Friday, yay!!!

A little while ago I remember reading a review of imPRESS nails on Louise's blog & after she raved about them I was desperate to try them. Smudge proof, fool proof nails that can be applied & removed in a flash, they sounded right up my street!
The nails come in a clear plastic bottle shaped case, how cute! Each pack contains 24 nails in 12 different sizes. Each nail has double sided tape on the underside with a tab to help to you peel the tape off easily, all you need to do is peel the tape off and press onto your nail. The great thing about these nails is there's no glue so there's no mess & no waiting time, just press and go!

I was recently sent a couple of sets of imPRESS nails to try out & I thought I'd let you know what I think of the first set 'Pick Me.'

I found the nails really easy to apply, I just sorted out my nail sizes and applied them straight away. From start to finish the process took around 10 minutes, so much quicker than waiting for my nail polish to dry! The pack states the nails can last unto a week & in my case they lasted 4 days before one nail pinged off! If you wanted the nails to last longer I'm sure you could simply glue them back on but I'm not a fan of using glue on my nails. 

Overall I was really impressed with these nails, there's a wide variety of designs to choose from and they're so easy to apply. Each pack does cost £7.99 which may be a little too pricey for every day use but these would be good for a special occasion or a night on the tiles.

imPRESS Press On Manicure is available here priced at £7.99 per pack.

Sarah xx

*PR Sample


  1. I love these! They were perfect on my holiday, it's a shame they aren't a little cheaper x

  2. I used to love press on nails when I was younger but I think they are way too expensive for how long they last!! Great post :)

  3. Those look super good! Especially with your skintone :)

  4. ooooh these actually look really good, I wanted to try these but wasn't sure, so i'm gunna have to go get some now,
    lovely blog by the way, i'm now following you!
    Gem xxxx

  5. They look quite lovely!
    (Also check out the giveaway I am doing for a really cute cat purse!)

  6. Wow *.*
    they look really great! Thank you for sharing it with us. :-)

  7. I love these nails, but they are much too expensive for everyday wear.