Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bump Watch | Week 27...

Hello lovelies, I hope you're all well.

The weeks are flying by now, only 13 weeks to go!

This week has mainly been spent curled up at home only venturing out when really necessary. I'm getting a little bored stuck at home now though so I hope the snow starts to clear so I can get out and about a little more.

You'll have to excuse the wonky belly button, I think madam was sticking her elbow out when I took the picture!

I attended my first Bumps & Mums group on Friday. I was so nervous before going in but everyone was so lovely. It was nice being able to talk to people in the same position or people that had already been through it all. I'm definitely going to attend more & look into other groups for when she's born. 

We painted the nursery at the weekend! It's the pinkest room you've ever seen. I'm going to take some pictures & pop them on here next week so you can have a peek. We've ordered the drapes for her cot & some wall art, I can't wait to make it look all pretty & girly.

I'm starting to feel really heavy & pregnant, it's only crept up on me in the past week or so. Moving feels like a huge effort & I'm finding it hard bending down now, eek! 

See you at week 28 =]

Sarah xx


  1. Your beautiful belly looks so big at 27 weeks! Congrats and good luck fr the rest of your pregnancy x

    1. I know, I hope it doesn't get too much bigger!

      Sarah xx