Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Perfume Ramble

So it's 2am & I can't sleep, so naturally, It's time for a perfume ramble!

Every year on NYE my Dad buys me a new perfume, It's a sort of tradition now & one I LOVE!

I have 3 perfumes that I use in circulation, of course I have others but these seem to be the only ones I reach for.

They are:

Left to right: Chanel - Mademoiselle, Viktor Rolf - Flowerbomb, Britney Spears - Fantasy

My all time favourite perfume has to be Chanel - Mademoiselle. It's elegant, sexy & fruity. This is by no means my every day perfume. I like to save it for evenings & special occasions as it's a little too heavy to wear every day, but I fell in love with it the first time I smelt it & I love it just as much today!

I discovered Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb after reading about it on Laura's (lollipop26) blog & I'm so glad I did! The only way to describe this perfume is 'sugar & spice & all things nice!' It's girly, fruity & oriental. If you haven't tested this it is a MUST.

I'm sure you all either own or have owned Britney Spears Fantasy so I won't drone on about it. This is my every day perfume, It's sweet and light enough to not be too over powering & cheap enough to use every day. The only down side to this perfume is... well... the fact it's a Britney Spears perfume!

So.... the whole reason for this blog & the long ramble you have just endured... I NEED YOUR HELP!

As you can see my perfume taste is girly, fruity & sexy and I need your help choosing my NYE perfume!

Please leave suggestions in the comments & I'm going to scribble them all down and have a whiff of them all when I'm next in town.

Thank you for your help & suggestions... let the whiffing commence!

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