Sunday, November 28, 2010

Review - CHI Silk Infusion

Hello my gorgeous geeks, I hope you've all had a fabulous weekend!

I was washing my hair this morning & I realised I've been using the same product for over a year now & I couldn't imagine washing my hair without it. That product is CHI Silk Infusion.

I decided to try this after I had seen it raved about on YT. I had real difficulty finding it at a reasonable price in the UK but I've managed to find a reliable stockist who sells it very cheap, more about that later!

The product itself is an oil & to me it smells quite masculine, I love the smell but it does remind me of a man, am I the only one who thinks this?!

I use it on wet/damp hair before blow drying, You literally need a tiny amount, the size of a 5p is plenty, any more and it will make your hair appear greasy. I comb it through the length of my hair with my fingers & use the excess on my roots. I then go on to style my hair as normal.

This product leaves my hair soft, shiny & manageable. I left my bottle on holiday in the summer & it was a travesty! I didn't think I relied on it that much until I didn't have it, It makes such a difference to my hair. I always make sure I have plenty, just in case I'm a ditz again & leave it somewhere!

I found my bottle on eBay after searching through countless websites & shops. I wanted to try the product before parting with alot of money & this eBay shop allows you to buy a small sample bottle for £1.99! Result! I say it's a sample bottle, but mine lasted for 20 washes, what a bargain!


CHI Silk Infusion 15ml - £1.99
CHI Silk Infusion 5 x 15ml - £5.99
CHI Silk Infusion 50ml - £7.99
CHI Silk Infusion 300ml - £25.99

Postage within the UK is £1.49 regardless of which product you buy. I have bought 3 items from this seller & they have all arrived with 2-4 days & they have all been in perfect condition.

I thought this post might be helpful for anyone who is looking to try this product but didn't want to spend too much money.

Have you tried any CHI products, If so what did you think?

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