Monday, January 30, 2012

Glossybox - February 2012 Valentine's Edition...

Good evening lovelies, Monday is over, Yay!!!

I started my new job today & the day went super quick, never a bad thing for a Monday =]

I called my Mum at lunch to see if my Glossybox had arrived and when she told me it had I couldn't wait to get home & tear open the box!
As always the box was wrapped beautifully and tied with a ribbon. Part of the appeal of Glossybox has to be the packaging for me, if the products arrived in a plain cardboard box I would probably cancel my subscription, how shallow! This month the box has a Valentine's theme and the box is hot pink rather than the usual baby pink colour, I love the fact they have started to change the colour scheme with each theme, it makes each box just a tad more interesting.
Content & thoughts:

♥ FAB Gentle Body Wash: 'A moisturising irritant free everyday cleanser ideal for even the most sensitive skin.'  This product promises to cleanse, calm redness and relieve dry skin, what a perfect product for this time of year. I haven't tried this product yet but I have given it a whiff and it really doesn't smell of anything, strange!
♥ Devines Moisturising Balm: 'The authentic result of our commitment is a precious line of intelligent products, rich in natural ingredients.'  This is an all purpose balm that can be used on the hair, skin and body, how interesting! I'm really looking forward to trying this out and I will of course report back on the best ways to use it. 
♥ Devines Cleansing Nectar: 'The authentic Devines formula for the beauty and delight of every woman.' Once again this is a multi purpose product that can be used to remove make up, to act as an all over body mask or to cleanse the hair. I've never tried a product like this before and it's another product that I can't wait to try. I'm not entirely keen on the smell, it's smells very natural and I do much prefer sweet smells but I'll give it a shot!
♥ Murad Skin Perfecting Primer: 'Oil free primer ignites a radiant glow powered by light enhancing minerals.' This was probably my favourite product from this box, my eyes lit up when I saw a primer was included! I was really shocked to see this was a skin coloured primer and not clear, all primers I have tried in the past have always been clear. I've tried this out and really liked the results but I will of course have to give it a proper road test before I can do a full review.
♥ Eyeko Skinny Liner: 'Get a handle on your eyeliner for precise definition and intense colour with a long lasting finish.' How beautiful is this eye liner?! I've never seen such a lovely looking eyeliner before! I was really chuffed that I received the light pink shade, it's a shade I would never buy but I was more than happy to receive. From what I've heard this shade is great for using on the waterline to make you look awake and for highlighting on the eyebrow. Much more interesting than yet another boring black liner!

Overall I was really impressed with this box. The novelty of receiving a beautifully wrapped box of goodies every month has not worn of yet and I already can't wait to see what will be appearing next month!

What did you think of the Glossybox this month?

Sarah xx


  1. that's a very nice box and generous with the items. does it ship to US?

  2. I wish this could be delivered in my country!


  3. I thought that was a pretty good box! I get 4 a month, does the novelty ever wear off cos I hope so, its damaging my bank balance!

  4. Pretty decent box actually! although, I thought they'd have put in more pretty goodies seeing as it's a Valentine's Day box!

    Lauren x

  5. i really like the box and suits the theme perfectly. i sadly missed getting in time with a subscription for this box but knowing my luck id get a normal colour and not the pretty one you did :) new follower here

  6. Gosh I'm so jealous! I don't think they to the U.S yet!! Super good products!