Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Amazing £10 Primark Bargain...

Good evening my lovelies, it's nearly Friday, YAY!!!

This is just a super quick post to show you an amazing bargain I found in my local Primark this evening.
On the hanger it looked very shapeless and dull but when I tried it on I instantly fell in love with it. It's very tight and figure hugging and as you can see it has mesh strips down the sides and mesh down the front area.

I've seen so many similar dresses to this on the highstreet for £40+ and was actually close to buying a similar one in River Island recently, I'm so glad I didn't. The dress itself is very good quality for Primark, I don't think you would know it was from there unless somebody told you!

I know it isn't exactly a 'meet the parents dress' but I think it's perfect for a night on the tiles!

Available in Primark priced at £10.00

Are you a Primani fan?

Sarah xx


  1. I saw this in Primark last week and loved it but I already had a similar one so didn't get it :(

    Gem x

  2. This is gorgeous, what a steal! xo

  3. I saw this dress in primark the other day along with a few others, they really are gorgeous and a steal at just a tenner!xox

  4. I lov e Primark too always finding stuff there

  5. I saw this in red the other day and thought it was really nice, especially for £10!

  6. It's so nice, bargain.. I also really love the nail polish!

  7. aww this is lovely! suits you :)
    shame i probably don't have the figure to go with it! xx

  8. Gorgeous dress, really suits you! xx

  9. God that looks amazing, makes me want one x

  10. This is gorgeous!
    I am a new follower :)
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