Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012...

Happy Valentines Day my lovelies =]

I was a very lucky girl this year, my boyfriend Anthony chose me some lovely gifts & I thought I'd show you what he got me!
How cuuuute is this?! Anthony isn't really a card person, he doesn't see the point in them but he knows I love them so always makes an effort to pick a lovely one.
 Probably not the most romantic gift in the world but I have wanted some white converse for ages & Anthony obviously knew this so to me this is super romantic & thoughtful! He even got the right size! He has earned some brownie points with these =]

Sadly I won't be see Anythony tonight, he works away all week which is a bit of a bummer but we're going out for a meal at the weekend to make up for it =]

I just want to wish my beautiful followers a very happy Valentines Day, whether you're spending it with a loved one or having fun being a singleton I hope you all have a fab evening!

What are your plans for valentines?

Sarah xx


  1. i love it when people put thought into gifts and cards, shows how much they know you =) xx

  2. I love converse! :-) such a nice gift! My man and I are staying in tonight and i am cooking a risotto. Hope you have a lovely meal when he gets back x

  3. What a lovely gift! Lucky you! Happy Valentines!

    Sophie x x

  4. Such a lovely and thoughtful gift! I love it when people put effort into buying gifts and cards - it makes it feel more special :) Happy Valentines!x

  5. I love these, how thoughtful!!!

    take a little peak at my blog<3

    Project Rattlebag


  6. This post is super cute..I lurve your card it's gorgeous! The converses are my oh my..I have always had an addiction for converses..these low-tops are lurvely:)! What a fabulous gift:D! xoxox