Friday, April 13, 2012

Review: Primark Candles...

Happy Friday my lovelies! I hope you all have the Friday feeling & have exciting weekends ahead!

I'm off up t'north to see the fella, I can see plenty of lounging around occuring & the new Pizza Hut pizza with a hot dog stuffed crust has my name on it! I know it sounds dirty but I can't wait to try it!

Whilst having a mooch around Primark recently I spotted these and couldn't resist buying 4!!!
 How cute are these tins?!
Strawberries & Cream, Vanilla Pod, Wild Berry and Orange & Mango.

A closer look at the candles...
Wild Berry:
This has to be my favourite candle out of the four, it smells lovely in the tin and lovely when burning. It smells super fruity and I've certainly used it the most out of the four.

Strawberries & Cream:
The candle smells lovely in the tin but sadly when burning it isn't that strong. I can faintly smell it but I wouldn't say it's obvious that it's Strawberrie's & Cream. I'll just stick to sniffing it in the tin instead!

Orange & Mango Smoothie:
This is probably my favourite smelling candle out of the four in the tin but again I don't feel that when it's burning the scent is really that powerful. I would say it's stronger than Strawberrie's & Cream but still not strong enough to really notice it.

Vanilla Pod:
This is without a doubt the strongest scented candle out of the four when burning, it engulfs the room with a gorgeous vanilla scent. The only reason I didn't pick this as my favourite is because Vanilla isn't the most exciting scent and I do prefer the Wild Berry scent over Vanilla Pod.

Overall I do like these candles but I feel they can be a little hit & miss. Some smell strong and you can really smell the scent when they are burning whereas some smell lovely in the tin but the scent just doesn't come through when burning them.

I think the tins are super cute, I know they don't exactly look expensive but they still look sweet sat on my windowsill.

The best thing about these candles has to be the price, they cost a mere £1.50 each! 

These might not be on par with Yankee Candle in terms of packaging and strength of scent but if you want a good everyday candle at a fraction of the cost I would recommend trying these out, especially the Wild Berry & Vanilla Pod!

What is your favourite brand of candles?

Sarah xx


  1. I love Yankee candles but just can't justify spending so much money on a candle haha. I was looking at these in primark the other day, but I thought they wouldn't be strong when burnt, but I will definitely go back to buy one, thanks!

    1. I know, Yankee candles can be so expensive! Xx

  2. I always see these but have never bought one because i wasnt sure the quality was any good. Definitely going to pick a few up next time. x

  3. My eyes were instantly drawn to the Strawberries & Cream candle just because it sounded yummy! I love Yankee Candles but they're just a little bit too expensive, but I'm always getting a quick sniff when in the stores!

    Steph @

    p.s. Pizza hut have a stuffed crust with a hot dog - that.sounds.AMAZING! Enjoy :)

  4. Wow, I might pick one of these up to add to my collection around my bath! £1.50 you can't really go wrong can you! I bought a Jo Malone candle last week...English pear and fresia. But it's just so beautiful I haven't burnt it yet!! Smells divine though! X

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  8. sounds nice (:, too bad i ent in the uk any more ;(!
    CMPang x

  9. Ohhhh this is such a great post! Every single time I pop into Primark I pick one of these up, I'm drawn especially to the wild berry scent but I always kind of um and ahh and then end up putting it down to look at something else! Hahaha, I was always curious how strong they would be when actually burning, tomorrow I'm going straight to Primark! :) Thanks for the post, Elle xxx