Saturday, April 07, 2012

April Beauty Haul - Featuring Nars, MAC, Etc...

Hello my lovelies <3

I hope you're all enjoying the easter weekend. I dragged my boyfriend to see Titanic 3D last night, he wasn't impressed! I've seen it at least 10 times and I still spent the last half an hour sobbing like a loser. 

I haven't blogged a haul in quite a while and now I need to split my recenty haul into 2 posts! I've decided to split this haul into one beauty post & one fashion post, here are the beauty products I've bought recently...
It doesn't look like much when I look at like this, it felt like more when I was buying it! Here's a closer look at what I bought...

Nars Laguna:
Now when I say I bought this I actually got it for free! Don't worry, I haven't taken to a life of crime just yet. I actually got it for free from Buyapowa, I recommended the most co-buyers and received Nars Laguna completely free of charge. I'm actually going to write a full post about Buyapowa as it's become somewhat an addiction of mine. I wanted Laguna FOREVER and was so happy when it popped up on Buyapowa for £18.00, I was even happier when I got it for free!

MAC Paintpot in Painterly, MAC Eyebrow pencil in Stud & MAC Lovelorn lipstick.

I went to the Mac counter in Bluewater intending to buy an MSF Natural & MSF Soft & Gentle and they had neither of these in stock so naturally I got 3 completetly different products instead. This is my first paint pot and I've really enjoyed using it so far. The eyebrow pencil is a lovely dark grey/brown colour and looks really nice on my brows. I actually wanted to buy Mac Hue but again they didn't have this is stock so went for Lovelorn instead.

Drugstore products:
Revlon Colorstay foundation, Rimmel Lasting Finish in Misty Jade & Apricot Punch and L'oreal Carress in Dating Coral.

Boots currently have 3 for 2 on all cosmetics so it would be rude not to participate and buy a few things!

I've been a fan of Revlon Colorstay for a few years now & always like to have a bottle in my collection, I  bought this when I bought my giveaway prizes and actually got this bottle for free.

I really wanted a mint green mail polish but my Boots had sold out of nearly all Barry M polishes so I opted for Rimmel intsead, Apricot Punch also looked like a lovely spring colour so I picked this up too. I had my eye on L'oreal Caresse for a few days and kept popping in until my Boots finally had it in stock, I'm really impressed with it so far and will be posting a full review soon!

Overall I'm really happy with everything I bought, if you would like a full review of anything I've bought please leave a comment below.

Sarah xx


  1. Lovely haul Sarah. Jealous right now because you got Laguna for free. You lucky lady. haha. On the other hand a review of Laguna will be a nice and helpful post since I have my eyes on buying it but I need to know that it'll worth my moolah. :P

    Oh a NOTD post on your new Rimmel nailpolish would be helpful aswell.

    Last request: the new Loreal lipstick. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

    Gosh that's nearly everything you bought. Might have been easier if I just said all of the products. haha. Anyways I'm just going to wait for your upcoming posts. Enjor your new goodies hun.

  2. i am loving all your purchases especially the two nail polishes you got :) pretty for the spring time hehe. I'm like you, i go into MAC just wanting to buy one thing i need, and i end up coming out with other products's just too tempting.
    Great colour choice of your Loreal lipsticks too :) I haven't got round to purchasing one yet, but i will do sooner or later.

    Thank you for sharing <3

  3. Lovelorn is such a lovely shade. I havent purchased anything via buyapowa yet but I really want to now.

  4. that mac lipstick has a lovely color! love it ~

  5. You got so much lovely stuff! I love those days when you buy loads and are so happy for ages :) Nars Laguna is beautiful on, and I need Lovelorn so badly! Have a brilliant weekend, love! x

  6. how lucky you got it for free! I have Lovelorn, it's a lovely lipstick. The MAC eyebrow pencils are my favourite for colouring in my eyebrows:-) xxx

  7. The Rimmel nail varnishes are lovely! Very pretty colours! I've never tried buyapowa but it seems great!x

  8. I love the Nars Laguna, I know you will too! Love that MAC lip colour, I may have to go and get it ;)

  9. lovely hauls,i wanted to buy new nail color for now..:)

  10. Lovelorn is my go-to daytime liptick! Good choice and great haul! Getting the Laguna for free must have made it even sweeter! Happy days :)

  11. Love your purchases! I adore Laguna! Ohh def going to have to check out Love lorn for sure! xxx