Monday, January 10, 2011

Graze Review & Try A Box For FREE!

Hi dolls, hope you're all ok!

I've been poorly today so I this called for a day on the sofa with chick flicks and lots of TLC!

I was going to post this much earlier but I got distracted watching Serendipity, how perfect is that film?!

Anyway... to the point of this post....

(You'll have to ignore the tatty box, I had to rip my address off!)

One of my new years resolutions was to eat healthy & cut the rubbish snacks out. When I saw this site I knew I had to give it a go.

You've probably all heard of but incase you haven't they are a UK based company that deliver boxes of healthy snacks to your door. Each box contains 4 punnets each with a different healthy snack.

The difference between graze & buying the products yourself is you don't know what you are going to receive in each box. When you sign up you can select which snacks you think you'll love or hate & if you know you won't like something then you can bin it & you definitely will not receive it. You can bin items by type, for example if you are allergic to nuts then you can bin all snacks that contain nuts so you will never receive them. I like this idea, you get a little surprise everytime you receive a new box!

I received:

The Lost Army - Oriental Cracker Mix.
Lighted Toasted Pistachios.
Honey Bee Good - Honey Peanuts, Cashews & Pecans.
Very Cherry Raisins.

Everything is sealed when you receive it for freshness & they can be kept for a few weeks sealed so you don't have to eat them the day you receive your box.

Out of all 4 my favourite was the raisins, they are GORGEOUS! I want more!!! Honey Bee Good is yummy & pistachios were well... pistachios. I wasn't a fan of the cracker mix, I thought it was tasteless, but then I guess healthy doesn't always mean yummy!

Now for the service.

I ordered my box to arrive on Wednesday. I waited. & I waited. & It FINALLY arrived on Saturday. I was not impressed. On the website there is a help section, I informed them that my box did not arrive on time & they refunded me £3.49. I thought this was very generous considering I got the box for free in the first place! I don't know if this is a regular occurrence as this is my first box, but it might be something to bare in mind if you are relying on your snacks being delivered on an exact day.

Inside the box you receive 2 handy leaflets. One is a personalised nutrition guide & handy tip guide. I thought this was a nice touch!

All in all I'm impressed with Graze. For a reasonable price you can have fresh, healthy & yummy snacks delivered to your door. The only let down was the delivery, but they did refund me for a box I didn't even pay for, so my second box will also be free!

Now... for your free box!

All you have to do is sign up to, enter your details & select your favourite/least favourite snacks. When you're ready to order a box simply click order a box & enter the following code:


This will give you your first box completely free with no obligation to purchase anymore. You have nothing to lose! :]

Leave me a comment if you decide to try or if you've used it before what were your favourite snacks?

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