Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tag: Versatile Blog Award

Gorgeous Sriya over at Lipgloss&leopardprint tagged me to do this... so here goes!

7 things about me:

♥ My favourite film in the WHOLE world is Love Actually... It's perfect!

♥ I can't stand milkshake, I think I'm the only person in the world that hates it!

♥ My iPhone is my baby, It never leaves my side & even sleeps next to me in my bed :]

♥ I can never sleep before 11pm, even if I'm exhausted.

♥ I have to write everything down, I have a notebook I carry around with me & I'm forever making lists.

♥ I'm ridiculously fickle, I'll be obsessed with something for weeks & then move onto something else.

♥ I have my wedding & children's names planned, weird much?!?

I tag the following girlies...

Hope you all have a fab weekend, I'll be back on Sunday with my posts of the week!

X x


  1. Omg ha I can't stand milkshake either! I thought I was the only one too! xxx

  2. I can never sleep past 11 the worst sometimes.