Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge - I Just Don't 'Get It'

I don't write many negative reviews, I much prefer talking about products that I like and want to recommend to others but I need your help!

I recently purchased two Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection sponges, one for myself and one to include as part of my 100 follower giveaway. I'd seen lots of positive reviews from fellow beauty bloggers and I couldn't wait to try it out. The only problem I have is...

I just don't get it!

I've tried using the sponge damp and dry, dabbing, rubbing and using it in circular motions and nothing seems to work. It doesn't leave me looking flawless or airbrushed as others have said, it just leaves me looking patchy and I have to re-do my foundation. I really want to make this work as I've seen so many rave reviews about it. So my question to you lovely bloggerinos is... How do you use yours?!?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Sarah xx


  1. I'm not really a fan of this product either :/ I just use a cheap little sponge I bought and it does the trick :)

  2. I don't use sponges at all, I don't feel their hygienic. I also feel this is a gimmick.