Sunday, March 27, 2011

NOTD: Revlon - Peach Smoothie 345

Hi dolls, I hope you all had a great weekend :)

I thought I'd show you all a new favourite of mine...

Revlon - Peach Smoothie [345]

As you can see this is a gorgeous peach nude, the perfect shade for spring!

This was 2 coats with a topcoat, it was tricky and quite streaky but I got there in the end. Are all Revlon polishes like this?!

This is a polish from the new scented range and this one smells DEVINE! I wouldn't say it smells peachy but it's sweet and yummy, I can't resist having a sneaky whiff every now and then!

Revlon polishes are currently 2 for £8.00 in Boots which is a steal considering they usually cost £6.29 each.

I also picked up 'Tropical Temptation' & I'll do a NOTD on this when I get around to trying it out.

What are your favourite Revlon polishes?

Sarah xx


  1. 'Tropical Temptation' is AMAZING!! Some of their polishes can be streaky after 2 coats (I have a really dark & really light one which are like that) but 'Tropical Temptation' is fine :) x

  2. LOVE this colour! :) It's gorgeous! xxx
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    thankyou love :) xx

  3. me likey lotsy!!! avon ideal is super dupes doll thumbs up! xxx

  4. Wow great colour!! I find my peachy nail polish streaky aswell :(

  5. Wow it's such a lovely girl. I like shades that compliment all skin tones. XX

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  6. This is my favourite as well!! All revlon nail polishes I have tried are streaky like this one. It makes me sad cause I'm in love with all thier new colors....

  7. i love this polish. kisss