Monday, March 21, 2011

Review: Eylure - Lashfix

Hi Lovelies!

I bought this eyelash glue as part of my mini ASOS haul & I thought I'd share my thoughts on it :)

Eylure - Lashfix

This is the applicator, a really handy and easy to use plastic spatula.

It makes applying the glue to the lash easy, although it can get a little messy!

Like most eyelash glue it applies white and dries clear...

You'll have to excuse the shoddy application, I only applied the lash for photographic purposes. I didn't go out like this, honest :)


The price
The amount of product you get
Long lasting
Easy to use
No negative reaction to product


Availability (Only seen this on ASOS!)
Bottle can become messy

As you can see I like this product... alot!

Priced at around the £2.00 mark (I can't remember exactly) It's a bargain, I've paid much more in the past for worse eyelash glue... Revlon... Ahem!

I was going to pop a link to the product on ASOS but I can't find it! I think it might be out of stock at the moment.

I really want to try Duo glue and I think this may be my next choice once this has run out.

What is your favourite eyelash glue?

Sarah xx


  1. I normally only use Duo but I might give this a go :-)

  2. wow! what eyeshadow and lashes did you use? it looks a LOT like the girl from the new movie sucker punch :)

  3. It's sin & toasted from the naked palette & some ebay lashes :) x

  4. Nice ;)
    I like it.

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    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  5. I use Duo but I may have to try this! xx

  6. it's actually available in most shops.. i get mine from a local 'savers' shop by me - i swear by it! :)


  7. gosh, I bought one of this 2 days ago. but it smell sooooo bad that i got nauseas! =/ was really bad!

  8. Thanks for the review! This was really helpful!! :) I think I'll buy it and try it out now! My Favorite glue is Duo brush-on adhesive (strong hold, long lasting, dries quickly & clear, easy to use) my 2nd choice would be Duo glue waterproof (in brown) but it doesn't hold as well as the brush-on one :)

    1. BTW you can buy Duo & Eyelure here: