Monday, March 07, 2011

Glamour Magazine - Clinique Goodies!

So I know this is probably the 50th post this week you've read about this great offer but I couldn't resist putting my two cents in!

If you're not aware (& I'm sure you are!) Glamour magazine are giving away a free Clinique product with every copy, there are 10 products collect worth a massive £80.00 in total!

I hunted high & low and ended up visiting 3 different shops to pick up 4 copies!

This is what I managed to get my mitts on:

Clinique 7 Day Scrub
Clinique Moisture Surge
Clinque High Impact Mascara
Clinique Take The Day Off

I'd really like to pick up 'all about eyes' & then I'll be a happy bunny!

What products did you manage to find or what are you hoping to snap up?

Sarah xx


  1. I got the mascara and lovvvvvve it! I really want the scrub and Take the Day off too hehe and then after seeing a swatch of the lipstick on another blog, i want that too, feck sake!

  2. I was very lucky to have picked a couple of these up really early the day they came out (in services haha) and had the pick of the bunch :)
    I was most interested in all about eyes so I picked that one and the gloss, but I'm still on the hun for the lipstick x

  3. I got the moisture surge as it is the only Clinique product on offer that I haven't tried! So glad I chose it too as I am LOVING it. Thinking of buying a few others to take on holiday with me this summer! x

  4. im the last person not to have this *hides head in shame* I only heard about it at the weekend and haven't been into town and local shops its all gone! Gutted LOL

  5. I just got All About Eyes, don't think I will be getting any other copies xx