Friday, February 04, 2011

3 Great Dupes for 'Miss Dior Cherie'

Hi lovelies!

I for one, LOVE Miss Dior Cherie but don't love the price tag....

£43.93 for 30ml?! RIDICULOUS!

I owned a bottle last year and was tempted to repurchase it when I got paid until I found these great dupes for a fraction of the price!

I've found 3, you'll have to let me know if you know of any others!

(Yep, my bottle is empty, simply kept for photographic purposes!)

Katie Price - Stunning
30ml - £9.95

Probably the most common dupe for Miss Dior Cherie. If you can get past the fact it's a Katie Price perfume and the tacky bottle it's actually a very good dupe. The only gripe I have with this perfume is it doesn't last very long, but the bottle is small enough to throw into any handbag.

Next - Diamonds
30ml - £6.50

If I had to pick between this & the Katie Price perfume this would win hands down. It's a better dupe, the bottle looks nicer & the perfume lasts waaaaay longer. I sprayed this at work a good 5 hours ago and it's still going strong! If you like Miss Dior Cherie then you HAVE to check this out!

Soap & Glory - Righteous Butter
Soap & Glory - Clean On Me
& many more S&G products!

Prices vary.

I know we all love S&G products so this probably won't come as a surprise, but I actually didn't know what this smelt like until someone pointed it out to me! I knew it reminded me of something but I couldn't put my finger on it. They certainly provide a much lighter smell, but they smell lovely when layered with either of the above perfumes.

I love finding cheap dupes for expensive products!

As you can see you could buy all 3 of these products for much less than 1 bottle of Miss Dior Cherie.

Do you know of any dupes for expensive perfumes?

Sarah x x


  1. I've never smelt Miss Dior Cherie but I love S&G products!
    Lovely blog, now following :)

  2. i love soap and glory products !! they are amazing xoxo

  3. Hiya, If you like Ralph Lauren Romance you will LOVE Next Pretty in Pink or Chloe try Next LONDON :0)

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