Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: Soap & Glory - Hand Food

Hello lovelies, it's nearly the weekend, yay!

I thought I'd post a quick review on one of my new favourite products...

Soap & Glory - Hand food

I've never really used hand creams in past, I'd occasionally use one if my mum had one in the house but it was something I had never bought before until I saw this featured on some of my favourite blogs.

It's no secret that I love all things Soap & Glory, It's fast becoming one of my favourite brands and none of their products have ever let me down.

Since buying this a couple of weeks ago i haven't stopped using it, I actually bought another tube to keep in my desk at work so I'm never without it!

As you can see it's quite a thick formula, certainly alot thicker than other hand creams I've tried in the past. It absorbs fast leaving hands soft and non greasy feeling.

The best thing about this hand cream has to be the smell, it smells DELICIOUS just like all other Soap & Glory products.

Since using this product I've noticed a vast difference in how soft my hands are and I can't imagine not using it now.

I have the travel size tubes as I find these easy to carry around, they cost £2.35 for 50ml which I think is a total bargain! Available at most Boots stores.

Do you use hand cream, if so what is your favourite?

Sarah x x


  1. I did try this at boots and I liked the smell so much.. Im using Bath & Body Works Hand Cream in Twilight which i absolutely love right now.. The smell of it is ahhhh so lovely

  2. omg.... Im actually on my third soap and glory handcream. This is my HG product seriously! I cannot leave my house without this!!!!